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Although I will not yet deactivate this blog (possibly for sentimental reasons), I feel it’s best to direct you to the blog that will become ACI Medical’s official and main internet presence:  ACIMedical.wordpress.com

All of the posts and information from SoCalLegs is available there, plus tons more content – product & service info, videos, downloads, my original articles, and, most importantly, how to contact us for our expertise. So go ahead, check it out and I’ll see you there!


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ACI Medical exhibiting at SVS & SVM 2012

Are you going to one (or maybe even both) of these meetings? Representatives from ACI Medical will be attending as exhibitors.

At SVS Vascular Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, Don Kjartanson will be working the booth with information about all of our pumps and diagnostic devices:  ArtAssist®, VenAssist®, APG®, and VenaPulse®.

At SVM Scientific Sessions in Minneapolis, Barb Gentilli will be representing ACI Medical’s ArtAssist® device and VenaPulse® device. In addition, she will be participating in a workshop led by Cindy Felty, MSN, CNP, FSVM of the Mayo Clinic:  “A good squeeze for PAD:  pneumatic compression for PAD” taking place on Friday, June 15 from 3:15-5:15 p.m.

If you are interested in meeting with either of our representatives at the meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at our headquarters in California:  (888) 453-4356 or info@acimedical.com. We will make sure to connect you with your corresponding rep.

The ArtAssist device

ArtAssist® Arterial Pump Technology

VenaPulse Augmentation Device
VenaPulse® Augmentation Device
APG Venous Diagnostics System

APG® Venous Diagnostic System

VenAssist venous pump

VenAssist® Venous Pump for CVI

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More than 700,000 New Yorkers have diabetes – and nearly a third don’t even know it

“Taking care of your heart through healthy lifestyle choices is making a difference, but Americans continue to die from a disease that can be prevented,” said Dr. Ann Albright, diabetes expert the Centers for Disease Control.

Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death and the top cause of adult blindness and non-injury-related foot amputations.

The number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes has more than tripled since 1980, primarily due to increases in Type 2 adult onset diabetes, which is linked to obesity, inactivity and aging.

The CDC estimates that 25.8 million Americans have diabetes.

via Study: People are living longer with diabetes – NY Daily News.

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He speaks! The inventor of the ArtAssist® Arterial Pump

Please enjoy this video of my dad, Ed Arkans (President of ACI Medical, biomedical engineer), as he gives you a brief overview of the device that successfully saves the limbs of non-surgical PAD patients:  the ArtAssist® device.

By the way, if you were interested to know, we filmed this in the living room in only one take – not bad, right? I set the camera on a box of dog treats and voilà! A video was born.

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$98,706: the average cost of each amputation due to complications from diabetes in CA

Diabetes by the Numbers:  California

The Prevalence of Diabetes in California

Diabetes is currently one of the ten leading causes of death in California. In 2009, 2,318,000 persons in California were estimated to have diabetes and the  disease was estimated to affect the health of 8.3 percent of the adult population. Not only does diabetes cause detriment to the well-being of California’s citizens, but it also puts a tremendous financial burden on the state.

Read more via http://www.apma.org/CADiabetesData

Diana’s note:  These are statistics from my home state. What’s the prevalence in yours? Visit this link and learn how diabetes affects your state:  http://www.apma.org/MainMenu/Foot-Health/State-Diabetes-Data.aspx


Correct treatment of common diabetic foot infections can reduce amputations

Poor treatment of infected foot wounds in people with diabetes can lead to lower extremity amputation, and about 50 percent of patients who have foot amputations die within five years – a worse mortality rate than for most cancers. But about half of lower extremity amputations that arent caused by trauma can be prevented through proper care of foot infections, note the new IDSA diabetic foot infections guidelines, which are being published today in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.

via Correct treatment of common diabetic foot infections can reduce amputations.

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The Not So Sweet Truth about Peripheral Neuropathy | Affiliated Foot and Ankle Center

We need good feeling in our feet. Imagine what would happen if you cut your foot and didn’t know it for days or weeks!  Unfortunately, this happens to diabetics all the time and this is how a diabetic wound begins to develop.  A diabetic wound is an open sore usually under the ball of the foot. They can be difficult to treat especially if they are infected. If an infection gets really bad, amputation of a toe or part of the foot may be a possibility. In fact, diabetics are 30-40 times more like to undergo a major amputation.

Read more via The Not So Sweet Truth about Peripheral Neuropathy | Affiliated Foot and Ankle Center.

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